Somaliland: Gaws-weyne Village Killings Castigated


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HUDUN (Somalilandsun) – Killings and injuries visited on some residents of Gaws-weyne village have been termed as barbaric.

Three residents lost their lives and four others sustained serious injuries in Gaws-weyne four days ago after unknown gunmen stormed the village which borders the three regions of Sool, Sarar and Sanaag.

According to reports from area residents the unknown gunmen who were driving four wheel drive vehicles stormed the village and started shooting indiscriminately thus the death of three people and injuries to four others.

During a meeting held by Hudun, traditional leaders from the area said that the perpetrators of the heinous crime will be brought to book through concerted efforts of residents from the three eastern regions of Somaliland.

Sheikh Hasan Elmi Saeed who spoke on behalf of the elders said that the action that was barbaric and against Islamic tenets should not go unpunished. The sheikh read a statement of the elders that read,

“We the traditional leaders of Sool region do hereby condemn the heinous crime that was perpetrated against the people of Gaws-weyne village, resulting in three deaths and four grievous injuries. On behalf of the people of Hudun We categorically state that we were neither involved nor aware of plans for the crime thus our promise to ensure that the gunmen are brought to book”

In conclusion the elders condoled families of the departed while praying to Allah to provide the dead with eternal bliss. They also wished the injured quick recovery that they promised to assist until they regain full recovery.

On the other hand the government of Somaliland has castigated the Gaws-weyne killers whom it linked with the Khatuumo secessionists.

This was said by Interior Minister Hon Mohamed Nuur Arale “Duur” during a briefing in his offices in Hargeisa where he also extended President Silanyo’s and the government condolences to families of the three deceased residents of Gaws-weyne.

The interior who termed the perpetrators of such a heinous crime as barbaric and uncouth, thanked the elders of the area for their support while promising to see that no stone is left unturned in the search for the killers

Hon Duur asked area residents to ensure that they are not pulled into the dirty schemes of the Khatuumoist who on having failed to gain ground in their statehood intents were now turning their guns to law abiding citizens whom they accuse of not supporting them.

According to the minister of defence Hon Ahmed Adami, residents of the country’s eastern regions should be on the alert as former militias aligned to the Khatuumo secessionists are on the rampage following their rout from various bases by the national army.