Somaliland: Gaboose is only putting on airs– Ukuse


Presidential spokesperson Abdilahi UkuseBy M.A. Egge

The government dismissed claims by Dr. Gabose that the Head of State wishes to illegally extend his tenure by delaying civic elections as flimsy and none-binding.

The Presidential Spokesman Mr. Abdillahi Mohammed Dahir (Ukuse) termed the allegations as one without justification “given that the state has gone to great strides to see to it that the civic elections be held this year”.

Mr. Ukuse said that, “I personally perceive the claims as from one putting on airs”.

He said that Dr. Gabose was only showing off since the President and the government “has made every effort such that the elections are held within the year”.

The Spokesman gave his retaliation during an interview with following the head of Ummadda political party’s allegations that the President was using delaying tactics to push back elections “so that his tenure may be illegally extended”.

Mr. Ukuse said that the President collated public view collected through a national task force hence re-opened multi-party politics.

He said that “it is after this that the Head of State named the committee charged with registration and verification tasks of political parties hence have impressed upon all stake holders the need of express electioneering”.