Somaliland: Gabile Regional Hospital Availed Round the Clock Power Supply


The Somaliland deputy health minister Ms Nimo Qawdan accompanied by medical personell during an inspection tour of Gabile regional hospital

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
GABILE (Somalilandsun) – Medical Services profusion at the Gabile Regional hospital should double as from now henceforth.
The urgings were made by the Somaliland deputy minister of health Ms Nimo Hussein Qawdan during a power generator hand-over function at the Government hospital.
While handing-over the power generator Ms Qawdan who thanked the donors Hadia Medical Swiss
For fulfilling a promise to support the medical facility said that the availability of full timed power supply shall enable full services for patients.
“Now that the hospital has the capability to fully operate X-ray, theatre machinery and laboratory services that hitherto lay fallow, it is hoped that performance shall also be complimentary” said Ms Qawdan
According to journalist Feisal Hiis Weerar ‘Afgaab’ the deputy health minister was accompanied by among others the Somaliland minister of Commerce and international Investment Dr Muse Qassim Omar, MP Abdilahi Balaki, ministry of health personnel and representatives from the Hadia Medical Swiss, the donor agency.

The Gabile medical hospital which is situated on the west of Hargeisa along the busy main highway connecting Somaliland to the neighbouring countries of Djibouti and Ethiopia is usually under great demand for emergency services occasioned by road accidents among others.