Somaliland: Gabile Finance Minister Concerned by Health and Orphan Status


Abdiaziz samale the Gabile region Finance minister

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – The purported Somaliland finance minister Abdiaziz Mohamed Samale is actually the Gabile region finance minister.
In pursuit of developing his region Samale has announced support most probably from Somaliland central coffers to health and orphans facilities in Gabile region.
While development at all levels is welcome news for Somaliland citizens the dubiousity of Samale clinging to the title of Somaliland finance minister is difficult to comprehend owing to his entire activities that are only geared towards Gabile and nowhere else in Somaliland.
This is a minister who has on official duties visited his home region over 30 times and zilch in others
So is Samale the Country’s or Gabile’s finance minister?
And just so as to put us, slsun, in our right place, whoever heard apart from in Gabile region of Samale conducting a development related activity anywhere in Somaliland. If you do tell us, evidence, and we shall not only publish but go back to journalism school as well.