Somaliland: Fundraising – Horizon Social Assistance


Please help our member in Somaliland if you can. Thank you!
Somalilandsun – Horizon Social Assistance Development Organization is a non profit organization based in Hargeisa – Somaliland East Africa, Horizon is voluntarily Organization working the social basics.

Horizon is a member to the Mental Health Worldwide, and work collaborations to Abilis Foundation and GRT.
Here we are very happy to send to all of you our fundraising link in the GlobalGiving org, the further details will be seen in the link, this fundraising will start from $10 up to the goal of the program which will be reached as a group of organizations or individuals.
Here is the fundraising link
Thanks all
By Horizon Executive Director
Dr A/rahman Muhumed A/laahi
Hargeisa Somaliland East Africa.