Somaliland: Fundraising Event for the Construction of Burao–Erigavo Road


Self help scheme - volunteers trying to initiate the construction of Erigavo-Burao road File photo

By: Mo Ali Medeshi

Somalilandsun – Sanaag Is among the richest and is the largest of all Somaliland regions but is partially inaccessible because of the lack of asphalted roads that could connect it to the rest of the country.

Now that Somaliland government has laid the cornerstone for the construction of the road between Burao and Erigavo , we call upon all Somalilanders where ever they are, to contribute towards the achievement of this noble goal. Somaliland government has already earmarked $10 million for the cost of the construction of the road . But that amount is not enough and the government cannot afford more due the financial and economic constraints in the country. Contributions by the hundreds of thousands of Somalilanders worldwide could cover the rest of the cost of the 249 mile road.

In , London an event for the fundraising of the construction of Burao-Erigavo road will be held on the 16th of Nov. 2013 at the Waterlily Business Centre, 10 Cleveland Way, E1 4UF . The programme will start at 3pm and will finish at 10 pm .The nearest train station is Whitechapel or Stepney Green while bus No’s 25 and 205 also pass by the venue.

Please come for the event and invest in your country.

For more information , contact the Somaliland UK Mission

Address is: Suite 319 Waterlily Business Centre,

10 Cleveland Way, London E1 4UF.

Telephone: 0207 702 7064


Written by Medeshi