Somaliland: Fumbling Gas of Puntland Aspires Treading where Farole Failed



Farole and Gas Ex and curren presidents of Somalias administrative region of Puntland

Somalilandsun – Puntland, northeastern state of Somalia President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas has recently leveled serious allegations against Somaliland authorities accusing them of financial supporting for the Al-Qaida affiliated Al-shabab fighters in Gal-gala Mountains near Puntland’s port city of Bossaso.

Speaking at public conference said that Somaliland financially supports Al-shabab fighters who carry out deadly hit -and-run attacks in Gal-gala area following Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo’s visit to Laas qorey which prompted the latest military tension in the eastern regions of Somaliland.

President Gaas stated during the press conference that his government is aware of Somaliland’s role in Al-shabab fighters maneuvering at Gal-gala adding his government will disclose it to the world what he called “Somaliland’s support for the Al-Qaida linked Militants, Al-shabab”.

Al-shabab’s influx in Gal-gala Mountains in Puntland region appeared as the African Union troops led by Somalia national army mercilessly battled the militants in Southern and central Somalia thus brought about the control of more than seven strategic towns to Somali Federal government supported by international community.

The defeated but still lingering Al-Qaida insurgents crossed into Puntland regions through Somaliland having the go-ahead of Somaliland authorities to start distracting Puntland security agencies huge presence in the bordering areas with Somaliland motivating Puntland deposit their attention on Galgala Mountains security threat of Al-shabab brainwashed radicals, alleges Mr. Abdi Weli Gaas.

Abdi Weli a Harvard trained economist arrived in to turn bitter ocean into honey and pirates into professional economists …” expecting him to apply his major field to Puntland’s socioeconomic hardship when he declared his candidacy and not confrotations.

The current leader of Puntland should know better that his predecessor the former President Mr. Abdirahman Faroole was the first to issue the absurd accusations against Somaliland but after seeing the cause he was pursuing was not bearing any fruits he decided to adorn it and to foster peaceful coexistence with his neighbors.

One westerner who usual commenters on the horn was quoted in a recent twit as saying, “The accusations by Mr. Abdiweli are preposterous and that he is making fun of himself.

Original editorial of the Hornewspaper under title Faroole Tried To Pursue This Cause But He Also Failed