Somaliland: Fully Fledged Talks with Khatumo Secessionists to Begin


Reveals President Silanyo as he briefs on Outcome of official working visit to Ethiopia
Citizens adorn President Silanyo with flowers at Egal Int Airport upon his return from a working visit in Ethiopia

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somaliland sun) – The government’s of Somaliland and Ethiopia are committed to promotion of peace and security in not only in the respective countries but in the Wider Horn region as well.
This was informed by president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo in a press statement released by his spokesperson that divulged activities undertaken by an official delegation to Ethiopia led by the head of state.
Apart from Briefing on issues discussed in Addis Ababa with the Ethiopian prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn, the Somaliland president also acknowledged having met and held discussions with leaders of the Khatumo secession movement led by Prof Ali Khalif Galayd.
On the Prof Galayd meeting president Silanyo said “ during our talks with the Khatumo leadership it was mutually agreed that the first official reconciliation meeting take place inside the country on the 17th of this month”
Read below verbatim excerpts of the statement released by spokesperson Eng Hussein Deyr

Quote- Presidential Statement on Ethiopian Tour

Bismillaahi Raxmaani Raxiim,

My and my official delegation to Ethiopia are glad to be back home which we left on the 28th October 2016.

As you are aware the visit was on invitation by the host government and on the 29th October, I led our delegation for talks with an Ethiopia team led by prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn.
During the meeting between the two friendly sides that pertained to continued relations existing the following were on the agenda.

VP Sayli relinquishes his acting capacity at the the Somaliland presidency to his boss at Egal Airport in Hargeisa Enhancement of existing bilateral relations
Strengthening of security cooperation more so within our common borders as a prelude to broader security in the Horn region.
Broadening of existing trade, political, cross border and social affairs as well as joint High level motivational efforts towards the same.
Ethiopian use of the Port of Berbera and its investment of the Berbera corridor that links the two countries via Wajale.
Import of cheap Ethiopian electricity as well as continued availability of educational scholarships availed by the Neighbouring country.
Concerted war on terrorism as well as illegal immigration
The mechanism to implement the trade agreement signed by the two countries.
Cooperation on alleviating effects of prolonged droughts within local communities and water shortages.
Our discussions on the above issues ended successfully and prospects are for implementation with confidence for benefit of our two communities.
On the other hand during the visit we had the opportunity to meet with a team of Khatumo officials led by Prof Ali Khalif Galayd in which the imperatives of continuing reconciliation talks and it was mutually agreed that the first meeting take place inside the country on the 17th of this month.
Full details of this development shall be issued on Saturday the 5th of November at the presidency in Hargeisa

ALLAA MAHAD LEH, and Long live Somaliland- unquote

President Silanyo briefs on Ethiopian tour During the official tour to Ethiopia President Silanyo and First Lady Amina Weris were accompanied by a delegation that included the presidency, interior and information ministers as well as chairman of the ruling Kulmiye party cum presidential candidate Muse Behi Abdi among others.
Reports claiming that government negotiators conceded to a Khatumo demand and condition that they be accorded protocols  of an official state administration shall either be acknowledged or denied during the planned full briefing of the 5th November 2016.