Somaliland: From the Debate to the Denizens


Somaliland presidential candidates 2017 at debate in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun- The Kulmiye chairman Muse Bihi Abdi, remains steadfast in getting his message across to the denizens (citizens) of Somaliland with the same drive and determination he delivered his spectacular performance in the first ever presidential debate, in which he was able to harness the tangible boost from his debate performance by refocusing his campaign-stump speech to sway undecided voters of Somaliland.
Muse Bihi Abdi outperformed the other candidates in the dais of the first ever presidential debate by rendering the most compelling reason for his candidacy, he also remained above the fray and adhered to a strategy of front runner with something to lose rather than gain, a strategy evinced by the debate tactics he utilized as well as not ceding any ground to other candidates.
His temperament remained calm and collective as he coherently dispensed his message with clarity, and continued to operate within the confines of the debate by obeying time-limits not chasing the questions, and with his posture literally towered over the other two candidates, he gave the rational for his compelling and evocative plans.
In the debate, Muse Bihi laid the groundwork and reaffirmed his narrative of native-wisdomwith the homegrown knowledge and know-how. Muse stood as pragmatist unobstructed by preconceived foreign notions and premises with impractical or unviable solutions for Somaliland, and rather he reserved the right to deploy the suitable technocrats wherever they might be needed to obtain optimal outcome. Muse Bihi Abdi, differentiated himself as a realist in every word of the sense, and as a leader who will make his decisions based on the innumerable factors and facts on the ground with contextual consideration given to Somaliland’s history, culture, geography and economy. He did not evade any of the key issues of contention in the debate, but rather addressed the myriad symptoms along with accompanying impediments by acknowledging root-causes.
Mus Behi Abdi Kulmiye party candidate for Somaliland president 2017Since the president debate, Muse has been delivering his campaign stump speech with more vigor, validated by debate performance and positive feedbacks, with this reassurance he has been appeal to the denizens (citizens) of Somaliland more substantively. In this remaining last two weeks of the campaign, Muse continues to differentiate himself from the other two candidates with his beliefs, attitudes, values and experiences unique to his circumstance as the native son and freedom fighter who has liberated his homeland and never deserted it. Muse’s persona prognosticates the effective leader he can be for Somaliland if elected, and deeper trust he can build with the electorate, he is forthright, direct and courageous enough to make the needed tough decisions.
Geleh Ali Marshall