Somaliland: From Somalia to snow-covered Minnesota


From Somalia to Snow is a tale of How Central Minnesota Became Home to Somali refugees

Somalilandsun- Hudda Ibrahim, a St. Cloud Technical and Community College faculty member and president of Filsan Consultant, will present “From Somalia to Snow,” at the Stearns History Museum’s Breakfast Club in Minnesota on Wednesday, Sept. 13. The program is at 9 a.m.
The Somali path to Stearns County is an eye-opener. Hudda conducted more than 30 interviews to research the refugee story – their plight to leave war-torn Somalia and their eventual path to America.
But why did some choose St. Cloud, Minnesota? Hudda will explain the allure to our area which includes economic and educational opportunities.
However, getting here is only half the story; building a new life is another. In her new book, Hudda writes: “When I came to America in 2006, everything I saw for the first few weeks was new to me. I stayed home because I knew no one in the city. I felt isolated. Some days, I took a chair, sat by the window, and just watched the world go by.”
Hudda’s book, “From Somalia to Snow: How Central Minnesota Became Home to Somalis,” provides a bridge between the cultures of recent Somali refugees who chose this place to live and Stearns County families who have lived in the area for decades. Please join us for this fascinating presentation on the challenges facing refugees to gain community acceptance and acclimate to American culture.
The Breakfast Club program is free for Stearns History Museum members, $7 for nonmembers. Refreshments are served. The Museum is located at 235 South 33rd Avenue in St. Cloud.
Join Hudda Ibrahim as she narrates the tale of Somali refugee path to St. Cloud Minnesota Source: