Somaliland: From Non-being to Special Arrangement


{jcomments on}”We live, we are told, in a world of states, which coexist in an international system of states. States in a state system, they insist, are what exist in the world… Moreover, the system of states is coextensive with the world

Somalilandsun – The concept of sovereignty constitutes the silent companion to statehood, since the very right to presence and representation in the current international system is entailed in the denomination as sovereign.

This is per a scholarly examination of the International Politics of Recognition presented as a thesis by a master’s degree candidate in November 2014 at Copenhagen Business School in which he author argues that Somaliland’s history of constitution is solely constructed from the observations of the international community, and leaves accounts from both Somaliland and Somalia out.

By counting both Somaliland and Somalia out as constitutive actors (subject positions) the study has to some extent constructed a rigid international–domestic binary and reduced the domestic realm entirely. For our case this means that Somaliland’s own management in regards to constituting its stateness will only be significant when mentioned by the international community in their articulations or practise.

By omitting Somaliland as a subject position in its own right, the study disregards Somaliland as a co-producing constituent.

Besides being a analytical choice that might have consequences for the thesis’s explanatory force, this is further a general critique directed towards discourse analyses, which have a tendency to discharge the social phenomena they examine as only existing to the extent that they are talked about in the discourse, thereby counting the object of investigation out in its own constituting effect.

Additionally, Somaliland’s formation and current predicaments are undeniably interlinked to the development and events in Somalia, which by the larger international community has been considered to lack a functioning government and has existed in anarchy since 1991

Somaliland citizens proudly commemorate their independence day  every 18th of May with fail

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