Somaliland: From Immigrant to Industrialist


Somalilandsun – I would like to share a true about a good friend of mine. His families journey to Canada and how he established himself. Lately there have been negative views on Somalis here in North America and I would like to share the positive side on that.
Originally From Hargeisa, Somaliland. Isse Daud Warfa was born in Mogadishu, in 1981.
He is the son of Daud, Warfa. a prominent Somalilander business man and his mother a banker and both his parents are western educated from universities in the United States and Canada. In 1983 the situation with Somalilanders in Mogadishu and in Somaliland at the time was dreadful and that at time, Daud opened another branch in the United Arab Emirates and brought his family there and went to the Canadian Embassy in Dubai and got his wife and kids a visa to go Canada, and few months latter in the summer of 1983, Isse, his mother and siblings made it to Canada and Daud catched up with In Canada, on January 1984.
Knowing the sacrifice the Warfa family made, they had to start from scratch and Daud had to work at the airport and a drove a taxi part time to support his family and Isse’s mother became a social worker, because it is tough to look for a job as a banker.
His family rule is that while Isse and his siblings are in school they can’t work or get a part time jobs because it will distract them in their education.
Isse worked hard from elementary school to university and took him 22 years to work on his dream. Isse graduated from University with an MBA degree and a promising job at bay street. Where he earned a six figure salary as a stock broker and now he runs his own business in Canada, with 10 employees. His dream is going back to homeland of Somaliland and opening a business there. He would to like to run business in Somaliland. Isse’s business would go from hospitality to transportation. He said that he is going to Somaliland to open his business there by the beginning of 2015, and that he would like to create jobs there for the unemployed youths in Somaliland. He said that I have allot ideas for his business in Somaliland and that he would like to be on the top of Somaliland’s business.
Warfa enterprises and Group of Companies, will be coming to Hargeisa the capital of Somaliland, in the next 6 months and that by that time, his ideas from the west will be made into good use and he is planning on making his country, his second branch of business and he wants to invest in his country, just what he did with his country in Canada and he would like to create jobs and to be a benefit to his country people, and he went to visit there last year and in 2010 and he saw how our people of Somaliland needs him and that his business is a really good idea there.
This is young man is an asset to our community and our country, and instead of people writing negative things about the Somali’s in North America, like joining gangs, or becoming drug dealers or becoming terrorists.
Warfa Enterprise and a group of business coming to Somaliland 2015.
By: Warfa Warfa