Somaliland: From Berbera to Addis, it’s Only 6km of Road Works Remaing- Hirsi


A Somaliland ministerial delegation insoects the newly tarmacked section of Hargeisa Wajale road prior to official opening

By M.A. Egge

WAJAALLE-(Somalilandsun): The Minister of the Presidedncy Hon. Hirsi Ali Hassan has disclosed that it is only a distance of 6 km of the last phase that is remaining still un-tarmacked from Berbera all the way to the Ethopian capital of Addis Ababa.

The six km happens to be part of the 18 km Kalabeyd-Wajaalle stretch that has just seen the nearing completion stage of 12km being tarmacked.

Hon Hirsi made the disclosure on Monday at the border town of Wajaalle where he inaugarated the main street of the town which has been upgraded. He was accompanied by the Finance Minister Hon Abdiaziz Samaale and also the Minister of Industries Hon Abiib Nuur Diriye.

While speaking to members of the public who attended or witnessed the inaugaration, Hon.Hirsi said that the administration valued the enormous efforts put by the people or what they are doing in nation building.

He emphasized that the governmet was prioritizing the Frontier highway because of its economical importance hence links the nation with its neighbouring country of Ethiopia.

Final Touches to road works

The minister expressed satisfaction on the way the job was done and the manner in which the general works are continuing.

He said that he expects the remainder of the road to be finally completed by the end of Jauary 2014.

Hon Hirsi solemnly reflected that there was no any society that could achieve prosperity unless they were in solidarity and united in words, thought and deed.

The minister has been working tirelessly hence hectically touring work sites all over the country in most of the year focussing on roads constructions.