Somaliland: Friendly Fire Kills 9 Year Old Boy in Hargeisa Land Dispute


an Injured member of the Jabaan family at the Hargeisa Group Hospital Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) A disputed piece of land in Koodbuur District Hargeisa has resulted in the death of a young boy and injuries to five others.

The death and injuries occurred after the Somaliland police dispatched its crack Rapid Reaction Unit-RRU to the scene of the ownership disputed piece of land adjacent to the traffic police station in JigJiga yare estate where they opened fire at those on the site.

The police were dispatched to the site on orders of the Hargeisa Municipality with orders to stop on-going construction at the site in dispute in which the family of Ahmed Jabaan has reside on for ages.

According to a Nurse at the Hargeisa Group Hospital-HGH five people are being treated at the institution for gunshot wounds some of which are of a serious nature.

The injured currently receiving medical attention at the HGH includes 15 year old Abdirahman Ahmed Mohamed, Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed and Mohamed Abdilahi Qulle among others.

While acknowledging the death and injuries to civilians the deputy interior minister in-charge of Security Abdi Dahir Amud justified the RRU act by informing that the unit shot in reaction to stones thrown at them.

Residents and family members converge at the Scene of shooting“The fateful death and injuries occurred after arrival of the RRU Contingent who had orders to ensure construction ceases. Said deputy minister Abdi

This statement by the deputy minister was denied by those onsite among them the injured who informed the media that confrontation started after the police unit started demolishing the old and under construction building owned by the Jabaan family that has resided there for 25 years”

According to injured Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed the confrontation between police and the Jabaan family ensued after the RRU officers started demolishing structures at the disputed land though initial orders were to deter new construction.

Since Sunday the day of incident the Hargeisa municipality is yet to issue a statement on the way forward as per the piece of land that sources inform, as having been allocated to a powerful person or one with powerful connections within the administration.

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