Somaliland: French Investment Possible Through Apt Tact-Amb Ali Ismail


Somalilandsun- French Business concerns are willing to invest millions of dollars in various sectors of profit in Somaliland.

This was revealed by the Somaliland representative to France, Ambassador Ali Ismail during a presser in Paris where he had participated in the annual French Chamber of Commerce conference 2018

The Conference pooled over 5000 companies both French and international saw the Somaliland envoy mingle with CEOs of the various concerns as well as bankers and individual investors.

“Most of the business leaders I met and held discussions with showed an interested of investing in Somaliland” said Amb Ali adding that information on various specifics open for investment was in much demand.

Stressing on the known lucrative investment prevalent in the virgin Somaliland markets the envoy said to attract the large amounts of related business input from France needs proper strategies by the Somaliland chamber of commerce.

The Paris based envoy who also said the large number of French citizens of Somaliland origin are another source of hefty investment, committed to open doors in all of France for both the Somaliland chamber of commerce and individual business concerns.

In conclusion Amb Ali Ismail did not fail to stress on the imperatives of availing relevant investment information to not only France but globally as well.