Somaliland: ‘freesolaraudit’ NGO to Unlock Solar Power Benefits for Local Businesses

0 3D model of roof with shading analysis

Somalilandsun – Last week the non-profit initiative ‘‘ an NGO providing free, detailed solar audits to business in emerging solar markets from Africa to Central Asia and beyond was launched.

“Last week Google launched its ‘project sunroof’, which tells residential customers in the US how much solar power they could install on their houses and how much money this would save them. provides the same service to commercial and industrial clients in new solar markets.” said Sebastian Noethlichs, one of the sponsors of the initiative.

The free solar audits will answer key questions like:

– How much solar power could be installed at your business?

– How much of your electricity consumption could be supplied from solar power?

– How much money could you save by going solar? solar share pie chartFor many businesses solar can generate significant cost savings. It can be a great investment.

It is estimated that millions of kilowatt of solar power, equal to billions of dollars in investment, can be realized in new, emerging solar markets. The initiative aims to unlock this potential for commercial and industrial clients.

To get their free solar audit, all businesses need to do is fill in a short questionnaire and upload data on their electricity consumption to the website. Using computer simulations and large climate databases, the folks at then get to work. They create 3D models of the facilities, analyze electricity data and calculate exactly what the solar potential for the business is.

The end result is a detailed solar audit that tells the business how much solar power it could install, how much electricity this would generate every month and how much they could save on electricity costs. 3d model of roof with shading was launched last week and provides its free services to businesses anywhere outside North America, Europe and Oceania.   is a non-profit initiative initially funded by Nvision.Solar.

Sebastian Noethlichs, is the founder and CEO of Nvision.Solar. He is the author of ‘Green Rush’ a book on the opportunities and challenges of renewable energy in emerging markets.

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