Somaliland: Former President Rayale Returns Home


Rayaale and former 1st lady Huda Barkhad upon arrival at Egal Airport

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The immediate former president of Somaliland Dahir Rayale Kahin accompanied by his spouse Huda Barkad returned to the country after a lengthily stay in France.

Mr. Rayale who received a warm welcome from a multitude of citizens and senior government officials at the Egal international airport did not brief the press the length of his stay remains unknown though being a citizen he and his family are free to stay or go on swish.

Since his unprecedented peaceful hand of power to incumbent president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo in mid 2010 following lose of the presidency in elections, Rayale and his immediate family have been residing in France where he owns a house only making a brief return in a bid to reconcile his now disbanded UDUB party in 2012.

Dahir Rayale Kahin was the third President of Somaliland. He became the third president of Somaliland on May 3, 2002, after the death of Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal. He won elections on April 14, 2003, representing the Ururka Dimuqraadiga Umada Bahawday (UDUB), or United Democratic People’s Party, and was sworn into office on May 16, 2003.

Throughout the period that Rayale was president of Somaliland, he maintained peace and tranquility of Somaliland says a Somaliland Diaspora network reporter.

Adding that the Rayale administration contributed to state-building and institutional development in terms of democratization, his administration successfully organized local council election, parliamentary election and two presidential elections, all dubbed by the international community as free and fair. Mostly, importantly, Somali people consider him as a great statesman, following his peaceful transfer of power to the incumbent president, Ahmed Silanyo.