Somaliland: Former Minister Rejects Mogadishu Appointment Enticements


By: Yusuf M HasanEx Minister Mahmud Saeed

MOGADISHU (Somalilandsun) – Latest attempts to entice the recanting of allegiance to Somaliland by a prominent citizen from Mogadishu based authorities have hit a blank wall.

Former Sports and youth minister Mr Mahmud Saeed Mohamed has rejected several attempts by the president of the Somalia federal Government-SFG Hasan Sheikh Mahmud to have him take a senior post in Mogadishu.

Mr Saeed who served in the government of ex-President Dahir Rayale Kahin and currently in the Somalia capital Mogadishu on private business is said to have shooed-off several approaches for appointment as minister in the SFG.

President Hasan is said to be in advanced plans of reshuffling his cabinet as a prelude to increasing the number of Somalilanders in his administration as proof to his paymasters in the international community that his claim to be head of a united Somalia are true.

Apart from having Somalilanders as senior members of his administration, recently he managed to entice the youthful former leader of the Gurmad political group that failed in the local council elections held in Somaliland in 2012, an ambassadorship based in Malaysia, is (Hasan) reported to be incensed by the rejection of Mr Saeed.

According to sources at Villa Somalia president Hasan is specifically infuriated with Mr Saeed because the SFG president had banked his appointment enticement hopes on the fact that his appointee is from the East of Sanaag where Abdirahman Farole his Puntland administration acolyte has continued to lay jurisdictional claims despite several rejections by area residents.

While the gallant Mahmud Saeed Mohamed has maintained his allegiance to his motherland and government in Hargeisa, enticement antics towards Somalilanders by president Hasan Sh Mahmud whose main and avowed mission is the reunification of Somaliland and Somalia are expected to continue.

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