Somaliland: Forget Puntland and Somalia, Eye Hargiesa, Prof Galayd Tells Khatumoists


Forget Puntland and Somalia Eye Somaliland Prof Galayd Tells Khatumoists

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- As the international community continue to advance issues Somalia The only avenue open for our people is within Somaliland.

This was stated by the leader of the Khatumo state secession movement Prof Ali Khalif Galayd during a public address in Buhoodle where he also urged those among his Dhulbahante clansmen supportive of interferences by Puntland authorities in Garowe to think twice.
“We have in the past closely and deeply associated our interests with those of Puntland and Somalia and we all know what was results, More problems and never ending hunger and conflict” said Prof Galayd adding that the ongoing Khatumo somalilamd reconciliation talks was the only remaining option for peace and development for adherents of his secession movement.
The secession led by Prof Galayd aspires to a Khatumo state of Somalia presumably to have been curved off parts of eastern Sanaag region and entire Sool region of Somaliland where the Main Darood clans of Warsengeli and Dhulbahante predominate.
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While revealing that the Khatumoists he leads have failed to garner any tangible support for their secession from either Puntland or Somalia Prof Galayd said that peaceful reconciliation with Somaliland authorities now ongoing offers the only hope but covert interferences by the so called international community might end disastrous unless nibbled in the bud.
Said he, “Beware of the outcome of the just concluded London conference on Somalia for it urges intensification of reunification between Somaliland and Somalia”
According to the prof and an experienced political operative within Somalia and Somaliland, the International community which seems to have only eyes for Somalia is failing the entire region by not only forcing Somaliland to rejoin it disastrous union with Somalia but ignorance or blind eye to the Khatumoists aspirations.
Prof Ali Khalif Galayd and Eng Feisal Ali Warabe share a light moment during Khatumo Somaliland reconciliation Talks in Djibouti For the Khatumoists a semblance of peace is being enjoyed for the first time in most areas of Sool region since it was formed in 2012 following the initiation of now in the fourth phase Khatumo Somaliland reconciliation talks.
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The unconditional reconciliation talks initially hosted by Ethiopia but later on assumed by Djibouti are as a result of intense pursuit by president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and various agreements reached can be attributed to the intense pursuit of UCID party leader Eng Geisal Ali Warabe who leads the Somaliland negotiation team.
In the height of armed conflict between militias loyal to the Khatumo state of Somalia and Somaliland security personnel deaths, injuries and displacement of ordinary citizens was the order of the day more so courtesy of the covert hand of Somalia and overt one by Puntland.
The interests of Puntland an administrative region of Somalia in the Khatumo secession emanates from pursuit of fulfilling its constitution that stipulates that Puntland exists for only one motive and purpose governance of Darood clans.
Thus the Majerteen clan of Puntland who together with the Warsengeli and Dhulbahante clans belong to the wider Darood clan believe jurisdictional authority over Eastern Sanaag and entire Sool region is an obligation to be pursued at all costs.
Though they continue to provide financial and military support to discontent Khatumoists Puntland which has Amey a somalilander from Buhoodle as its Vice President has failed to secure complete control of pursued Somaliland territories despite frequent armed incursions that usually end in military defeat and political embarrassments
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But the main constraint to the machinations towards Somalilamd by the Puntland authorites in Garowe has been failure to satisfy the quest of the Khatumoists as pertains successful establishment of a Khatumo state of Somalia.
As for Somalia where the issue is not clan or tribe base, the beef with Somaliland emanate as far back as 1991 when the Greater republic of Somalia collapsed following Somaliland’s withdrawal from its voluntary later turned fateful union with Somalia of 1960.
Since its reclamation of self rule 26 years ago Somaliland a former British protectorate has consistently failed to attain international recognition of its sovereignty as a nation despite having fulfilled all pertinent conditions relating to such.

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This yet to be attained quest of recognition can directly be attributed to the machinations of various including current administrations in Mogadishu that hold as tenet that Somaliland is part and parcel of its jurisdictional and to the chagrin of Somalilanders the international community that had remained deaf and blind to local aspirations is supportive of the Somalia stance, notwithstanding that the said Somalia is a basket country it the IC props financially and militarily.
For Somaliland conclusion of the successful reconciliation with the Khatumoists who have been a very painful Achilles Tendon to its quest for international recognition not only bodes well not only in the recognition front but in the ultimate attainment of Blanket peaceful co-existence nationwide as opposed to its alleged Master Somalia where even its appointed president has to be guarded from attack by his presumed constituents by foreign troops within his official villa Somalia residence in Mogadishu.
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