Somaliland: Forget Grabbing and Selling School Land, Education Minister Tells Hargeisa Municipal Council


Somalilandsun- Followong reports that there is intent by the Hargeisa Local Governent to appropriate a piece of land Mahmud Ahmed Ali School in Hargeisa, I hereby warn that such action shall neither be tolerated nor accepted.

This  warning was issued by the Somaliland minister of Education a de Science Prof Yasin Haji Mahmud Hiir ‘Faraton’ in reactions to reports that a cartel within the Hargeisa Local governent is pursuing avenues to sell the School Land after illegally grabbing it.

Somaliland education minister Warns would be land grabbers in the Hargeisa Local Council

In an official letter availed SOLNA and addressed to the city council the minister warned them not to sell the land to private developers. The ministry of education had allocated a plot to the fire brigade following the area residents’ pleas to the minister to safe guard their property from fire disasters.

A section of the land donated to the fire brigade had been grabbed by some private developers who had already started building stores for businesses. The minister warned the unscrupulous traders to move out of the land.