Somaliland: Foreign Affairs Minister Expresses Optimism on the Upcoming Dialogue with Somalia


Mr. Bihi sounds the re-emerged political wrangle inside ruling party Kulmiye as a positive emblem for Somaliland’s democracy

By: Mohamoud H. Qodah

President flanked by Turkey Foriegn Minister and President Hassan

London (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland Foreign Minister who is in London for holding talks with Britain Foreign Affairs Secretary expressed his optimism of the next round of proximity tripartite talks with the leaders of Somalia Federal Government.

Mr. Bihi said this in an exclusive interview with BBC Somali Service on Friday when he was in London. The minister also talked the re-emerged political wrangle inside his ruling party KULMIYE in the interview where he stated that discussions, debates and different perceptions among the high profile figures of our country is a positive emblem for the democracy in Somaliland.

“We will discuss Somalia Federal Government officials on issues relating Somaliland’s reclaimed sovereignty. We want to convince them to accept the separation by Somaliland people which is nontransferable. The next round of proximity talks with SFG leaders will concentrate on how Somaliland and Somalia will become 2 separate and brotherly neighboring states.”

In answering to his familiarity and understanding to the ongoing dialogue between the 2 countries Somalia and Somaliland, he said, “It became vital to establish confidence and that dialogue to be commenced as well as getting people closer to have an atmosphere which is suitable for long term talks between 2 parties Somaliland and Somalia.”

Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation answering a question on how super power states are involved in Somaliland/Somalia dialogue, he specified that neighboring countries closely go with the dialogue between 2 parties and particularly Somaliland’s case.

Foreign minister Behi

“Super powers were given explanations regarding Somaliland’s case and its political ambitions and I am not expecting that they will become defiant to our country’s cause. It is the right time to talk SFG with Somaliland’s reclaimed sovereignty for the reason that Somalia has currently an official recognized elected government.”

Bihi gave details about the aim of his trip to London and expressed that he had meetings with secretaries of UK government and talked issues relating to their country’s (UK) Aid to Somaliland.

The Minister of Foreign and International Relations Mr. Mohamed Bihi Yonis who is an international diplomat and politician and has a professional capacity; and worked as the Deputy Joint Special Representative for Operations and Management in the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) is appointed as a Foreign Minister by president Silanyo on 25 June 2013 and is highly expected to realize Somaliland’s ambition of getting international diplomatic recognition from the international community.

The next round of proximity talks between Somalia and Somaliland governments mediated by Turkish government is expected to be held in Turkey in early this month.

Turkey holds regular direct talks between the leaders of Somalia and Somaliland, acting as a mediator to resolve the problematic issues between the two sides. Ankara hosted the first proximity talks between Somalia and Somaliland in mid-April in Ankara where Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud and Silanyo came together for the first time. The tripartite meeting was attended by top Turkish officials, including Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu at the request of the two parties on April 13.

Dialogue on risk to destroy

The minister of Commerce and International Trade, speaking to the media on Friday after President Silanyo received Mr. Philippe Lazzarini, the representative of United Nations office for humanitarian affairs and development for Somalia/Somaliland at the presidential palace stated that the issue of Somaliland Airspace and the Aviation Agreement with Somalia now seems to be null and void after the SFG has failed to honor the principles of the agreement after the recent agreement in Montreal where ICAO agreed to hand over total airspace control to the Somalia Federal Government in Mogadishu.