Somaliland: Following Family Petition President Bihi is Musing Pardoning ASTAAN Cable CEO

President Bihi is Musing Pardoning ASTAAN CEO Abdimanan Yusuf

Somalilandsun: The almost five months saga surrounding the arrest and subsequent sentencing of the CEO of Astaan Cable TV might came to an end soon.
This follows reports that Abdimanan Yusuf might be a beneficiary of a presidential pardon from the Somaliland head of State Muse Bihi Abdi.
Thus saga ensued in the 17th July this year when police in Hargeisa arrested and detained him for over three months on charges of spying for Somalia and operating a business,Astaan cable TV in Somaliland illegally.

Abdimanan Yusuf was sentenced to five years imprisonment and a $250 fine after he was found guilty of spying for Somalia and operating a business illegally in Somaliland

Subsequently having been found guilty a fortnight ago by the Maroodi-jeh regional court he was sentenced to five years imprisonment plus a fine of two million Somaliland shillings, roughly $250.
Abdimanan Yusuf is a citizen of neighbouring Somalia and has been managing Astaan TV Somalia owned cable company that specializes in sports and entertainment in Hargeisa the Somaliland capital for a number of years.

While there is no official word on the imminent amnesty, Geeska Afrika sources revealed that last week president Bihi met Abdimanan’s family members from Mogadishu accompanied by a number of local elders at the Somaliland presidency.
“At the meeting pleas for pardon were made to the president by the visitors who said the main issue was not on the sentence but release of their kin” the source who requested anonymity said adding that President Bihi accepted the request.

The arrest and subsequent conviction of the Astaan cable TV operative elicited a hue and cry from the public in both Somaliland and Somalia

It is therefore anticipated that after only a period of four months to his five year sentence Abdimanan Yusuf is to be free soon thus culminate his confinement that has raised eyebrows within and without with some touting it as politically motivated thus an extension of the wider Somaliland and Somalia divide.