Somaliland: FM Yasin Faraton wants to be Speaker of Parliament

Prof Yasin Faraton declares quest for election as MP

Somalilandsun: On the 31st May this year I hope residents of Sool region will elect me as a member of the Somaliland Parliament.

This was stated by the foreign minister prof Mahmud Yasin Hour ‘Faraton’ as he launched his Parliamentary candidacy in Yagoori district of Sool region in the east of the country.

The Faraton bid for election during the first consolidated Parliamentary and local councils elections in Somaliland slated for the 31st of May this year is said to be a pursuit for speakership of the house of representatives that has apart from a short reign by Abdirahman Irro been a preserve of sons from Sool region.

Yasin Faraton had previously served as the Minister of education before he was appointed for the ministry of foreign affairs. He was also a key figure on Somaliland’s delegation talks with Somalia, last year.

Finance minister Dr Saad Ali Shire and his FM counterpart Prof Yasin share a close working relationship

Of course he will be running on a ruling Kulmiye Party of which he is among its long serving ministers, president Bihi having inherited him from the administration of his predecessor President Ahmed Silanyo.

In his low profile stint at the foreign ministry Prof Faraton has relied  a lot on his predecessor and current finance minister Dr Saad Ali Shire to whom he has regularly delegated major foreign policy related functions especially abroad.