Somaliland FM on Alleged Lackluster Regional Relations and Puntland Invasion


Hornenwes – The republic of Somaliland has officially complaint to the international community as pertains violation of its territorial integrity by Puntland a Somalia regional administration to the east of this country.
This was revealed by foreign minister Dr Saad Ali Shire during an interview with Saab TV in Hargeisa where he also discussed reasons behind the failure of President Muse Bihi to Meet with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed or his somalia counterpart Mohamed Farmajo.
Prodded on why President Bihi has so far not met with President Farmajo of Somalia since both came to office, Dr Saad Ali Shire Said, “Though some Horn Africa countries formerly in dispute are or have reconciled Somaliland and Somalia are yet to reach that stage”
Stressing on the fact that this rapprochement has ensued with the heads of Eritrea and Ethiopia exchanging official visits to each other’s capital city, The FM said that authorities in Mogadishu have continued to maintain a policy negative to reconciliation with those in Hargeisa.
Said he, “we have been engaging Somalia in talks since 2012 but to date nothing tangible has been achieved, solely because our counterparts are determined to maintain the status quo”
Though Somaliland withdrew from its 1960 voluntary later turned union with Somalia almost three decades ago, it still remains unrecognized internationally as a sovereign nation.
The foreign minister said that to make a meeting between Presidents Bihi and Farmajo worthwhile, Somalia needs to acknowledge that the sovereignty of Somaliland is neither revocable nor negotiable.
“This is per wishes of citizens who voted 97% in favour of withdrawing from union with Somalia during the 2001 referendum.
The referendum of 31st May 2001 was held on a draft constitution that affirmed Somaliland’s independence from Somalia as a separate state, and vouched by international observers as free and fair, thence results authentic.
Stating that Somaliland is engaged in pursuit of international recognition thus become a full member of the international community, the foreign Minister said for any meaningful meet either between presidents Bihi and Farmajo or negotiators from the two countries, the SFG needs review its engagement policy with Somaliland.
“We remain open to dialogue and peaceful neighborliness established through negotiations so long as our country is treated as sovereign” said the FM
As per Ethiopia whose past leaders have conducted regular meets with their counterparts in Somaliland, the failure by president Bihi to meet with PM Abiy Ahmed was put to the FM who responded by saying
“It is a fact that the two are yet to meet but that does not infer that relations between Somaliland and Ethiopia have changed”
Pointing out that though PM Abiy Ahmed has met numerous Horn African leaders he is yet to meet all of them thence tet ‘a’ tet with President Bihi will take place anytime soon.
Emphasizing that relations between this two neighbouring countries is not dependent on regular meets by their heads, Dr Saad Ali stated that all agreements as pertains security, trade, cross-border movement and others are firmly in place more so in strengthen, since PM Abiy ascended to office.
As Somaliland is part and parcel of the Horn of Africa region where fast paced changes in inter-nations relations more so as pertains reconciliations of former antagonists, as well as improved security, economic and diplomatic cooperation, getting involved is a must.
Concluding the subject the FM urged Somalilanders not to view the yet to take place meeting of President Bihi and PM Abiy negatively but to be as the administration is that this shall surely take place sooner rather than later.

On the issue of the recent transgression on Somaliland territorial authority by a Puntland delegation led by President Abdiweli Gas that was in the eastern Sanaag Region town of Badhan illegally, Dr Saad Ali Said
During that sojourn to Somaliland, President Gas not only initiated a
Alleged Development projects but held a cabinet meeting in the town as well
“This was an act of war against the people and government of Somaliland by a foreign nation, Somalia, or affiliate of one, Puntland, and we have submitted an official letter of complaint to the international community”. Said the FM
While hoping that such shall not be repeated in lieu of deadly repercussions, the foreign minister was also hopeful that the international community shall expedited intervention as a means to preclude the now looming war with Somalia and its cahoots.
Tracing the ongoing violation of Somaliland territorial integrity to incidents in Tukaraq, Dr Saad Ali Shire warned that “just like any other country on earth won’t cease some of its territory to another by force so shall Somaliland , come shine or rain
Tukaraq is a district in the eastern region of Sool which was under occupation by Puntland until a few months back when the Somaliland army retook it by force.
Puntland has vowed despite appeals for calm by the international community, to reclaim and forcefully Tukaraq as well as takeover entire Sool region and eastern Sanaag Region in Somaliland