Somaliland: FM Defends Amb Bashe Awil On Controversial Remarks Defaming Djibouti, Spurring Farmajo


While Somalilandsun fact checking proves that Djibouti was actually defamed in remarks made by Bashe to Newsweek Middle East

Bashe Awil and Dr Saad Ali Shire of Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – I am yet to see or be acquiesced with pertinent proof that the Somaliland envoy to the UAE made defamatory remarks towards Djibouti in any way or place.
This was stated by the foreign Minister Dr Saad Ali Shire during an interview with our sister paper Geeska
Afrika that pertained to a report by the Newsweek Middle East that informed that the appeal for intervention on the award to the UAE of a military base by Somaliland made by Somalia’s president Farmajo to the Saudi King was fronted by Djibouti.
According to publication the Farmajo appeal Djibouti connection was as a result of an interview with the Somaliland envoy to the UAE who is attributed to have accused Djibouti of a policy to monopolize foreign military bases in the Horn of Africa region.
Said to have been very aggrieved by such utterances from a senior official of a friendly country, authorities in Djibouti did not hesitate in presenting their resentments during a just concluded meeting between high ranking officials from the two admnstrsytions chaired by president Ismail Omar Guelleh,
Queried on what transpired during the president Guelleh chaired meeting in Djibouti Dr Saad Ali Shire who led the Somaliland delegation composed of several cabinet misters and diplomats, said
“It’s a fact we were on an official visit to Djibouti, where our delegation was accorded apt protocols.
During discussions we concentrated on how the two neighbouring countries should enhance bilateral relations pertinent to Economic, Security, and Political cooperation among many other issues.
What of the interview given to Newsweek Middle East by Amb Bashe Awil Farah whose release coincided with your visit to Djibouti, a country alleged by the envoy to be against UAE military base in Berbera Somaliland, not to mention alleged insinuations that Djibouti was pursuing a foreign military bases in the Horn region policy?
FM- To Date am yet to secure any proof of he alleged remarks attributed to our Envoy to the UAE Bashe Awil Farah
That said let me add that the only facts so far available to me are that Amb Bashe was interviewed by the said media agency, but not on any remarks made.
As for Djibouti which is a neighbouring and friendly country, I don’t think any ill motive towards any development in Somaliland exist be it in relation to port , military base or other sector
Sir it now clear that the Berbera Corridor is separately but part and parcel of both the Berbera Port and military base contracts, can you clarify?

FM- Yes the Berbera corridor is in both the port contract awarded to DP world as well as that of the Military base.
And yes this are two very separate contracts but the Port contract had construction of the Berbera corridor Road all the way to Wajale while the military base one was a technical one pursuant to construction of an international standards airport.
In the recent past the president of Somalia has been intervening with issues internal to Somaliland more so on his oft repeated, threat that Somalis are going to discuss what next for the military base awarded UAE in Berbera, so what is your take sir?

FM- For Farmajo it is worthy that he respect Somaliland and keep out of its internal matters.
But having been elected presumably due to his pro unionism policies it appears that distancing from our issues is not possible for Farmajo and his presidency.
To this I sincerely urge him to desist and treat Somaliland with respect as a prelude to mutually beneficial relations.
As for what Somaliland does with its assists be it award of military facilities to foreign entities or management contracts of one kind or another, neither Farmajo and Somalia or any other country have a say, for it is entirely upon us.

What of the internationally sanctioned talks with Somalia hosted by Turkey which were very promising during the presidency of Hasan Sheikh and of which Farmajo is frequently trumpeting about resumption?

FM- Whatever outcome to be is as per ordained by Allah, but if Farmajo wishes to resume the talks it is of importance that he desist from his transgressions geared towards deeming the sovereignty of Somaliland.
More so he should be completely appraised with the fact that the talks relate to how the two countries can exist independently but in friendly terms and not about reunion.

On the ongoing voter cards issue and in Maroodi-jeeh and the Toghdeer regions that have encountered lackluster response from the public seemingly unwilling to collect the cards despite registration , what is your take?

FM- Electing leaders of choice is a right granted each citizen of Somaliland just as voting for proffered political party is, so it is incumbent for registered voters to collect the cards
Though none can forced into registering as a voter, collecting voters card or actual voting, this is a democratic right that one needs to take opportunity.
According to the Newsweek Middle East Bashe Awil whom it calls the director general of the somalilamd trade office in the UAE said that Djibouti seeks to have a monopoly over foreign military bases in the Horn of Africa,” he said.
To this effect Omar added The move by President Farmajo of Somalia to appeal to Saudi Arabia as pertains the award of a military in Berbera to the UAE was made on the behest of Djibouti

Read the Bashe Awil interview and subsequent inform with Newsweek Middle East titled Safe Bases: UAE’s Military Expansion in Africa