Somaliland: Five Servicemen Convicted for QoriLugud Officers Killings


Judge Advocate Colonel Yusuf Farah Ismail delivers judgement against soldiers accused in the killing of two officers

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland Armed Forces Court Martial has released a serviceman after finding him not guilty of complicity in the murders of two officers in QoriLugud.
The court sentenced four others to sentences ranging from eight to fifteen years imprisonment for abetting the slaying of two officers at their QoriLugud Base.
In mid September 2014 Captain Mohamed Aw-Rabah Yusuf and Lieutenant Jama Mahmud Hadi, the commanding officer and operations officer of Somaliland’s 17th army battalion respectively were killed at their QoriLugud military post in Togdeer region by a soldier under their command.
Sentenced to the gallows was the perpetrator of the heinous crime Farah Mohamed Ismail who was judged in absentia since he is still at large.
According to Judge Advocate Colonel Yusuf Farah Ismail the Maroodi-jeeh (Hargeisa) regional Armed Forces Court Martial found five officers guilty of complicity either consciously or unconsciously in the slaying of Capt Aw Rabah and Lt Hadi.
“While the perpetrator was never in doubt the evidence produced by the prosecution satisfies the court on the five having abetted the killings in one way or another” said the Judge Advocate before delivering judgment as follows
1. Serviceman Farah Mohamed Ismail sentenced to death for killing of Capt Aw Rabah and Lt Hadi
The following were given various sentences for deliration of duties at the Somaliland’s 17th army battalion base at QoriLugud during the fateful day that the two officers were slain

I. Warrant Officer 2 Arale Muse Abdi who was the duty officer was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment
II. Corporal Abdi Awad Mohamed who was the guard Commander will serve eight years imprisonment.
III. Serviceman Farah Abdilahi Mohamed whose Gun was used to pert rate the killings received 15 years imprisonment sentence
IV. Serviceman Kadar Hasan Ismail who will serve ten years in prison for having unchained the then in custody killer.
Another serviceman Kadar Hasan Ismail was released after the prosecution failed to prove his complicity in the murders.
With the army having acted fast in bringing the accused to book the burning issue remains the arrest of the killer who remains at large more than a month after his heinous act notwithstanding government’s pledge to effect his capture at all costs as a prelude to soothing jitters of the deceased officers kinsmen .