Somaliland: First Family in Surprise Eid Holiday Visit to MP Nanaá


president Silanyo holds a toddler in the MP Nanaa residence during an Eid holiday visit

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somaliland sun) – A house in Ahmed Dagaha estate in the south of Hargeisa was the scene of a unique Eid celebrations.

The house owned by its resident Somaliland Member of parliament Ahmed Mohamed Diriye ‘Nanaá’ was the scene of a happy free from official protocols between the MP’s Family and that of the Somaliland head of state.

Accompanied only by the first lady Amina Weris and daughter Hodon, President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo devoid of his regular entourage of assistants, government officials and security officers enjoyed a very sumptuous meal in celebration of Eid festivities with the family of MP Nanaá who is a personal and long term friend of the president.

The lengthily visit devoid of official protocols associated with the trappings of a sitting president saw members of the two families enjoy regular and ordinary repartee last partaken before Silanyo assumed the presidency five years ago.

Same MP Nanaá toddler enjoys prersidential attentipn from First lady Amina weris and daughter Hodan in Hargeisa SomalilandWhile it has become a common occurrence for president Silanyo to undertake impromptu visits to local commercial places both in Hargeisa and other towns in the country where he is known to go as far as enjoying a cup of tea, the visit to MP Nanaá was unprecedented owing to the fact that it was purely a social visit devoid of state trappings.

Upon exhausting family reminiscences the trio of first family members decamped the Nanaá residence consciously as they had arrived at 8pm and it was in the morning of Saturday that the visit became known not only to the country but to neighbours of MP Nanaá.

Surely that was the best Eid holiday set in an ordinary fashion the Somaliland first family had enjoyed in a long time.

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