Somaliland: First Family Concludes Private Visit to Turkey, Returns Home


Somaliland first family return home after a weeks holiday I Turnkey

Somalilandsun- Hundreds of Somaliland citizens lined the road from Egal airport to the presidency in Hargeisa in welcome to their President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo.

The head of state and First Lady Amina Weris were returning from a one week private visit to Turkey where they were accompanied by a small retinue of aides led by private secretary to the president.
Somalilanders were all grateful to see their head of state safely back home and in good health having arrived in Turkey a short time before the failed coup attempt on the administration of president Raccip Tayyib Erdogan
Having been entirely a private visit the presidential press service did not issue a statement either upon return of to first family or during their one week holiday in Turkey