Somaliland: First Batch from the National Youths Service Program Inducted into the Civil Service

President Bihi at the first Somaliland national youth service graduation ceremony-file photo

Somalilandsun:  The Somaliland civil service is to benefit from services provided by graduates of the national youth service program.

This development comes after the Public Service Commission-PSC Concluded Evaluation and Registration of Phase One of the National youth Service employment Program which facilities their absorption into the civil service

This was revealed during a press briefing by PSC in Hargeisa were its chairperson Farhan Aden Haybe informed that the government has recruited  1,203 youths  who are first batch national  service program graduates into the civil service where they shall seconded to 37 ministries and a number of parastatals (quasi state agencies)

According to Haybe “The evaluation and subsequent selection was undertaken in a transparent manner which was devoid of any cohesion from anyone or any quarters”

Thanking the PSC for its commitment to the national youth employment program and diligence in completing the first phase The director of the National Employment Program, Mohamed Hussein Osman Mu’adin, went on to reveal that the implementation of the program was delayed due to late submission of  a draft program to the PSC which is now functional.

“I would like to thank the officials of the Somaliland Civil Service Agency, the administration of the chairman and his deputy, for the valuable work they have done in the first batch of national work” said Mu’adin adding that the recruitment of these first batch was a pathfinder in both the public and private sectors