Somaliland: Firm Statehood Foundations Required


Milk sellers at their station next to parlaiment buildings and presidency in Hargeisa Somaliland

Somalilandsun – Today, Somaliland is a beacon of democracy, peace and progress in a part of the world better known for anarchy, famine and ballot bullets. We have been able to build a functioning state where people can live in peace and, in many cases, see small improvements in their daily lives. A difficult road with some bumps along the way but the people of Somaliland have grown accustomed to over-coming difficulties. Whether political or economic, we have adapted and grown, together.

However, for Somaliland to continue moving upwards, we urgently need to implement a number of reforms in order to curtail any animosity between various interest groups.

One of the areas that I believe the Government has repeatedly shown a weakness in is that of passing laws, guidelines or interpreting existing laws. When the Government fails to highlight, through the same laws and guidelines, that the assets of the nation belong to the citizens, it fails to dispel any assertion that those assets belong to certain individuals or groups.

In addition, the free for all media, which is allowed to air threatening and destabilising statements by all groups, doesn’t help the situation. In fact, I firmly believe the carelessness shown by our independent media contributes to the animosity. The statements being aired are akin to hate speech in other parts of the world. Why is this allowed? Why doesn’t the government take action against the errant media houses as well as those making the statements? Again, the Government is required to lead by introducing and upholding laws, all of the time.

This all adds to the urgent need for introducing the required laws, updating existing laws and decimating the details of the same for the general public to understand. Planning laws require updating, traffic laws need to be understood and implemented, trade and investment laws need to be conducive to any investor and child protections laws must be introduced.

If Somaliland is serious about building a peaceful, prosperous, functioning state with participation from it’s citizens in maintaining that peace and prosperity, it needs to get serious and strengthen it’s foundations.

Ibrahim A Yusuf

Copyright: Somalilandsun, 2016.