Somaliland: Fired Council Coordination Minister Absolves President, Points Fingers Elsewhere


Silanyo not Behind my Firing says Ex Council Coordination Minister

Somalilandsun – “The Somaliland political scene is going to do without the former Minister of council coordination, Research and Technology Ali Jibril Hamud.
The outgoing minister who was among the youngest within the 68 strong cabinet of president Silanyo was axed from his post recently and replaced with his elderly kinsman and long term Somaliland political actor Ahmed Haji Dahir Elmi.
In a post firing interview with reporter Hamse Bulbul of HCTV in Hargeisa the former minister revealed that his axing was not the doing of President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo who he not only thanked for initially appointment that saw him , Ali Jibril Hamud, occupy a very important ministry that connects the three national branches of government and spearhead research and technology in the country but for being a fair minded boss as well.
Promising to reveal in the near future, those behind his firing as well as reasons behind, the former minister also informed that he shall in the meantime not be active politically for he intends to take a much needed sabbatical not only for rest but reflection as well.
The presidential decree relieving Ali Jibril Hamud from his position as Somaliland minister of councils coordination, research and technology was issued immidately president Silanyo returned from a prolonged personal visit to the United Arab Emirates.
While kinsman replacing him as minister and at the ministry Ahmed Haji Dahir Elmi did not hesitate from attributing his political acumen as reasons behind his appointment notwithstanding his, when minister in the President Rayale UDUB party administration, protracted political war with then opposition politician Silanyo, salient factors exist.
Though he bragged of being appointed minister in order to utilize his alleged strong political base to campaign for ruling Kulmiye party in Awdal region in forthcoming presidential elections, his relation with incumbent Vice President and Clansman Abdirahman Ismail Sayli is eyebrows raising.
Similarly none should forget that the fired Ali Jibril Hamud is known to have been the right hand of VP Sayli who is vying for his old office thence deputy to Muse Behi come presidential elections.
Lest we forget, a few years back Ali Jibril then an assistant minister was summarily fired through a presidential decree, a move that subsequently created a major rift within the presidency occasioned by an aggrieved VP Sayli that ended only with not only Ali being reinstated to to government but elevated to minister.


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