Somaliland: Fire Destroys House, Injures One


Despite efforts by residents Fire derstroys house in Hargeisa

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A man is nursing burn wounds sustained after his house burnt as he slept.

The incident that saw late action by firefighters happened at Sheikh Nuur Estate of Ga’an Libah district of Hargeisa resulting in the complete destruction of the five roomed house.

According to the owner of the fateful abode Hussein Mohamed “Hussein Shako”, tenants informed him that the fire started on the roof of the room the injured man who is a tenant was sleeping in.

Just like the usual tale whenever an incident of dangerous fires taking place in the capital Hargeisa, the minute firefighting outfits arrival at the scene was slow thence of no consequences.

of late a number of citizens have died or sustained serious burn injury, on top of complete destruction to assets from increasing incidences and if not arrested will result in more of the same.

It is therefore worthy of stakeholders taking immediate action and establishes council owned and operated fire brigades rather than continue relying on existing services from private concerns.

On the other hand the now famous adage “The source of the fire is unknown” should cease by making investigations by the law enforcers compulsory for every instance.

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