Somaliland: Finance DG Resigns


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Horn) – The Director General in the ministry of Finance Mr. Jama Ahmed has resigned from his post.

The DG who tendered his resignation letter to the president did not divulge reasons behind the resignation which comes a few months after his boss; the Minister of Finance Abdiaziz Samale took over 3 months ago following a mini-reshuffle.

Unconfirmed Reports indicate that the DG resigned as a prelude to being ordained a traditional leader, Sultan, by his clan. Other reports indicate that the real reason is continued conflicts with his boss that revolve around duties and responsibilities with the minister said to have assumed most of the DG duties.

While the presidency is yet to speak or act on the resignation civil servants are fearful that the promised 50% salary increment in this year’s budget that was to have been effected from this month (June) will be untenable.

The resignation of Mr. Jama brings to four the number of ministries without a director general thus devoid of senior most technocrat management. Other ministries without DG include foreign affairs, Religious endowment, and Interior.

The ministry of foreign affairs lost its DG early this year after the then incumbent Mr. Raage M Farah resigned in protest against purported graft at the ministry

The DG’s office at the ministry of religion became vacant after its former holder Ibrahim Ismail Mohamed absconded to Puntland in October 2011 with a land cruiser vehicle he had hired in Hargeisa. He is reported to have recanted his allegiance to Somaliland.

The ministry of Interior is devoid of a DG after the holder Abdilahi Hussein Egged “Blacky” resigned to fill the parliamentary seat that become vacant after Abdiaziz Samale was appointed Finance minister.