Somaliland: Faraweine Reports Mysterious Flights


Somalilanders resident in Faraweine under seige from mysterious at night low flying strobe lit  Helicopters

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – Several flights by a low flying craft have been reported in Faraweine District of Marodi-jeeh (Hargeisa) region in Somaliland.

According to the Faraweine District officer/Mayor Feisal Mohamed Jama the nightly flights are by a helicopter type craft whose ownership or purpose remains baffling.

“The latest of the puzzling flights took place around 10.30pm on Thursday night when two crafts flew shoulder to shoulder” said the administrator during a briefing to Tooshnews in which he revealed that the flights were west bound.

West of Faraweine a Somaliland district bordering Ethiopia is in the direction of any area of Gabile region itself in the West of the Capital Hargeisa and in a distance of around 50 kms.

The district officer’s information was backed by Abdi Ali Nuur a senior Telesom Co officer in Faraweine town who reported that the latest trip of Thursday night was by two low flying and without lights helicopters similar to those observed a couple of nights earlier.

“The crafts are only visible via strobe lights look like or ones similar to flash lights used by Videographers while filming at night” said the communication staffer.

No official statement either acknowledging or denying information on the mysterious Faraweine flights has been issued by the relevant Marodi-jeeh Regional or Somaliland Central authorities to date thus unable to ascertain whether the helicopters are of military or civilian design and purpose.