Somaliland: Faraton Endorses Reconciliation Talks with Khatumo


as the newly appointed Interior Minister also Urges fellow Residents of Sool region to Register as Voters

Yassin  Mahmud Faraton is the first  native of Sool region o hold the office of So,alilamd interior  minister

By: Mahmoud Qodah
Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – The newly appointed Minister for Interior Affairs Mr. Yasen Mahmoud Faraton in an interview with Geeska Africa newspaper urged for the people in SOOL region to widely come out for partaking in the voter registration activities and to get their voting cards. National Electoral Commission (NEC) has started the work of giving voter registration cards almost in every resident of that region on Monday. And according to the observation reports, the registration task goes smoothly and so far there were no reports on any conflicts which have emerged in those areas.
“It is very important that for the people in SOOL region out to take voter registration cards, as this will eventually help them to have a right to vote,” Minister of Interior said.
In an answer to his appointment for the Interior Ministry, Mr. Faraton showed his pleasure for this main post. The Minister also told that this position is one of nation’s main posts and that all Somaliland citizens have equal rights for all government posts. He added, “This post is a major one, and with a huge responsibility. God willing I will do everything so that for justice and equality to prevail.”
Yasen Mahmoud Faraton has similarly spoken about the recent peace talks between Somaliland and Khatumo faction and the current condition of SOOL region. Expressing about this issue he said, “Hopefully the reconciliation peace talks will be fruitful. It has been a very necessary step for both Somaliland and Khatumo to have started those peace talks.”
Finally the new Minister of Interior called up for all the people in Somaliland to stand by the government in safeguarding the peace and stability of their country. “We have to not conceal our oneness when it comes to the peace and stability. People should show up their vigilance and work with government in preserving their peace,” He said.
A ministerial delegation led by Somaliland President Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo has last week paid a working visit to SOOL region. The President during his stay at Aynabo – the town where representatives from government and Khatumo faction had unconditionally agreed to start the reconciliation peace talks – Adhi-adeye, and Las-anod has had meetings with elders, traditional leaders, intellectuals and politicians from SOOL region (Dhul-bahante clan).
National committee for the peace talks with Khatumo:
President Silanyo at meeting with elders from Sool regionLast week, Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed (Silanyo) has similarly formed a national level committee for the negotiations between the government of Somaliland and Khaatumo – a faction led by the politician Ali Khaleef Galaydh. This committee including government ministers and senior traditional and cultural leaders.
President Ahmed Silanyo in his latest major reshuffle where he appointed dozens of politicians from SOOL region is a sign of an optimism as members from those communities never hold heavy-weight posts since Somaliland reinserted it’s independent which lost in 1960 after its voluntary merger with the rest of Somalia.