Somaliland: Family of Somali Man Shot Outside a Hotel in Toronto Pleads for Help


A Distraught Family of slain Kabil Abdul Khadir 27 years old inset plead for help

Somalilandsun – The family of a Somali man shot dead downtown Toronto this week are appealing to his close friends and their community to help police in their investigation.

Kabil Abdul-Khadir, 27, of Toronto, was killed outside a Marriott Hotel on Bay Street near Dundas Avenue West just before 2:45 a.m. Sunday morning.

Homicide Det. Sgt. Joyce Schertzer said investigators need close friends, associates and anyone else who was with the man on the night of the shooting to get in touch.

The man’s family appealed to the Somali community for help.

Abdul-Khadir’s family spoke at a press conference with police. His distraught mother, Fouzia Hassan Abdul-khadir, pleaded again for witnesses to come forward.

Several other family members echoed that message. Abdul-khadir’s brother, Sharmarke Hassan, said the two went to Canada’s Wonderland the day of the shooting.

“I love my brother and we need justice,” he said.

A friend of the family, Ayan Mohamed, called on the Somali community to fight gun violence.

“You all need to come out,” she said. “Speak about it, talk to our children, and tell them to stop violating themselves.”

She said children using guns were not being raised properly.

“We came from a country that uses guns…and to [have this] happen in Canada, in a safe city, where your child goes out today and you might not see him tomorrow,” she said. “It really, really hurts.”