Somaliland: Fake News Force IEO Mission to Utilize only Foreigners in November Polls


Only foreigners will observe Somaliland presidential elections

Somalilandsun- while persons of Somali descent initially in the list of the international elections observer-IEO are of impeccable character and credentials, they shall not be part of the mission during the November polls
This was revealed via a press statement released by the Somaliland Focus Group which informed that the decision is as a result of recent of statements issued by many individuals and groups on a daily basis through online and offline media.
Quote- As an Election Observation Mission, we are always concerned about claims that pertain to the Mission. While the claims we have seen are without foundation, and in several cases completely absurd, it is important that we maintain both the appearance and the reality of absolute impartiality. We have therefore taken the difficult decision to include only international observers who are unrelated to Somali descendants.
None of those who were on our list as international observers have done anything to warrant such a decision: this step is solely designed to underline the complete and apparent impartiality of the international Election Observation Mission. It is regrettable that a decision such as this is forced upon us by the irresponsible public statements of those who should know better, but we remain completely committed to the integrity of the Mission, and to that of the Somaliland elections themselves. In that pursuit, we continue to work closely with the Somaliland National Electoral Commission and other partners.-unquote
Though funded by multiple donors the Somaliland International Election Observer mission that has participated in various past polls in the country is composed but not limited to members from Progressio, the DPU and Somaliland Focus (UK).

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