Somaliland: Fairland University Loses Charter


By: Yusuf M Hassan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – “We are very grateful to the various universities operating in the country for having diverted our youths from joining terrorist groups”

This was said by the minister of education Madam Zamzam Abdi Aden while announcing that the chartered awarded to Fairland university” has been revoked after it was found that the institution has not fulfilled requirements of a university”

According to Ms Aden the ministry of education took this step following an intensive investigation conducted by the commission of higher education that was geared towards establishing the viability of operating standards within the many universities operating in the country.

Fairland which is a private institution becomes the first of the over 10 universities in the country to lose its licence for poor standards that have been observed within these institutions most of them ramshackle set up to skim profits from unsuspecting parents intend on providing their children with higher education.

According to Journalist Mahmud Walaleye a majority of the hundreds of students studying at the Fairland University have been transferred to the state owned Hargeisa University.

The investigative journalist adds that the government has taken the appropriate action in proscribing Fairland University and he hopes that investigations by the commission on higher education shall find fault with several other ramshackle institutions of higher learning thus ensure our graduates are not half-baked as it currently is.