Somaliland: Facebook Group Delivers Charity Items to the Mental Hospital


Madasha Indheer-Garadka

Donated Items

Somalilandsun – As Facebook, the main Social Network is hosting millions of people and giving the platform to interact each other regardless of their geographical locations, Somalilanders are taking it into another level by benefiting this platform to organize charity activities for the needy people in the country.

The first of its Kind in Somaliland, a Facebook group called “Madasha Indheer-Garadka” or “The Intellectuals Forum” in English which has about 800 members carried out a 14-day campaign among its members to collect 4000 Dollars for the mental hospital in Hargeisa. The group has nominated a committee of 7 members to carry out this campaign, 3 members in Hargeisa and 4 in the overseas. They also opened a bank account at Dahabshiil and Zaad number at Telesom company to collect the contributions from its members. At least 100 members responded to the campaign and have been sending their contributions since then.

“I was not even sure we will be able to collect that money at the beginning, seems nothing is impossible and I have a great ambition now that we can even do more” Says Rooble Mohamed, one of the committee members in Hargeisa. “If we do this every few months, then I believe we could achieve a lot for our people, it only takes a courage and a little effort to do this. People are ready to contribute, they just need someone to give them the reason and platform” he concludes.

During the campaign, the three members in Hargeisa met the Director of the mental ward at Hargeisa Group Hospital to discuss the needs of the ward and what are the priorities that can be covered in this charity. The members noted the main concerns of the hospital management and developed a report for the rest of the 800+ members in the group. Later on the decision has been made to where this charity money could be directed. Members of the group were eager to respect the deadline set for the contributions when the members in Hargeisa start buying the necessary items for the hospital to be delivered before the end of Ramadan.

Hospital staff and Madasha Indheer-Garadka members during the food donationOn the 6th of August 2013 at 4:30pm, the committee members composed of Rooble Mohamed, Sofia Haid and Mahdi Sheikh took the items to the Hospital and was welcomed by the Hospital management who were waiting for this during the day. They met the general director of Hargeisa Group Hospital, the Director of the Mental hospital and other officials from the Ministry of Health. The members then officially handed over the items to the management and hoped a continuous support to the hospital.

“Facebook is a platform where everyone can do what he wants, good or bad. If we use it in a good way then it turns out to help people and save lives” Says Sofia Haid, a member of the committee. “The social network a place where people can interact from different parts of the world, we just used it in the right way to help our people with mental illness” she said.

In a short speech during the handover event, Mahdi Sheikh thanked to the members of the group who contributed to this charity. He mentioned that he is hoping to continue this in the future.

“Most of the Members in the group don’t even know each other. They just share ideas, concerns and engaged in debates about the country. Only this time they decided to offer a little help to the needy people during the month of Ramadan and they have done it. The trust level among the members is just amazing” says Rooble. “We opened an account and everyone was sending money hoping it will reach those people in the mental hospital. We have great & resourceful people on this planet. We are lucky to use the technology in the right way, Somaliland is blessed with many things and now we can see the technology is taking its toll in the development of the country” he added.Donations

The Director of the Mental Hospital sent his gratitude to the members of the group and says he is amazed by this and how people who don’t know each other are managing to coordinate to help the hospital. The General Director of the Hargeisa Group Hospital concluded the event by officially accepting the charity items and thanking whoever contributed to this.

The items contributed to the hospital include Powder milk, Dates, blankets, clothes, cleaning materials, shaving machines, women’s pads, personal hygiene items and others. Small money was also given to the cleaners at the hospital, those who are taking care of the patients with the mental illness.

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