Somaliland: Exploring Oral Somali History in Northwest London


Somalilandsun – The Somali Advice and Forum for Information (SAAFI) is working in partnership with LIFT, Brent Museum and Archives and a team of volunteers to deliver the North London Somali Project.

SAAFI is exploring and capturing the lives and the experience of Somali community in Brent in the form of oral history and photography.
The project is training young people to conduct oral history interviews to:
• Discover the experience of moving to or growing up in Brent;
• Discuss what it means to be part of the Somali and Brent communities; and
• Develop understanding between generations of Somali people and throughout the wider Brent community.
In August SAAFI will be launching an exhibition in Brent Civic Centre to showcase the project.
Roda M. Karani - project managerBetween now and then SAAFI will be sharing photographs, extracts from interviews and the experiences of the project every Friday through Brent Museum and Archives.
The overall aim of the organization (SAAFI) is to raise the profile of the British-Somali community in Brent through workshops, trainings and organizing cultural events and exhibitions. Get more details on SAAFI