Somaliland: Exit of Danish and German Expatriates Unfounded


Reveals planning minister as he briefs on meetings with international community in Nairobi
Somaliland minister of planning and national coordination Ali Hussein Ismail

Somalilandsun- Relations between the government of Somaliland and its partners in the international community are at its maximum best.
This was informed by the minister of planning and national coordination Ali Hussein Ismail ‘Ali Shombe’ during a Briefing to Geeska Afrika as pertains diverse meeting Somaliland, he and foreign affairs colleagues Dr Saad Ali Shire, held with foreign partners in Nairobi, the capital of Ke ya.
“During our visit to Nairobi we met with diplomats from Norway, Denmark, Germany, USA, Holland and the United Kingdom based in Kenya” revealed minister Ali Shombe adding they also undertook discussions with representatives from most international humanitarian and development organizations operating in Somaliland.
Informing that the main objective of the various meetings was to enhance cooperation with foreign based Somaliland partners, the planning minister was emphatic that the mission was accomplished successfully after intensification of activities was concurred upon.
Queried on the issue of postponed parliamentary elections that has created animosity between the government and IC members especially those with a stake in the country’s democratization process and discernibly a majority of the Nairobi meetings target, who are main election donors, the minister said
“The IC has acknowledged reasons behind the separation of parliamentary and presidential elections but their main worry only relates to the extra costs o be incurred by holding the polls separately” as he stressed that the government of Somaliland was aware of this anomaly but circumstances related to the separation were paramount.
The planning minister who has mandate of coordinating international organization’s operations in the country, further stressed that “perchance the IC withdraws funding for any of the two elections the government of Somaliland its fully prepared to chip in.
On the yet inexplicable circumstance leading to the exodus from the country by Danish and German expatriates minister Ali Shombe told Geeska Afrika that the departure ensued from advise by the respective countries foreign ministries.
Somaliland planning minister Ali Hussein Ismail was accompanied by his foreign affairs colleague Dr Saad Ali Shire The government of Somaliland having pursued the matter through concerted intensive investigations by related security apparatus in Hargeisa indicated that the hurried exit was as a result of false Information availed the two friendly countries.
Prodded on whether the government in Hargeisa was appraised on the purported insecurity
posed to, surprisingly to only Danish and German expatriates in Somaliland prior to their removal and not other hundreds of foreign multinationals minister Shombe replied:
“Yes, and the information was shared with a security team from the planning, interior and foreign ministries as well intelligence service”
Minister Ali Shombe concluded on stating that the joint investigations revealed that the information leading to removal of the expatriates was false and issued by enemies of Somaliland.
This final statement by the minister of planning as per the government being acquiesced on circumstances leading to the exodus of Danish and German expatriates from Somaliland contradicts that of his interior colleague Yassin Mahmu Faraton who last week told Geeska Afrika that “we are aware of the departure but not reasons behind the move”