Somaliland: Ex-President Rayale Returns and Goes Bang Bang on Waran”ade


Hon Dahir Rayale Kahim Former Somaliland president

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) -“Don’t expect me to behave negatively towards the administration as current leader did when I was at the presidency” informed immediate former Somaliland president Dahir Rayale Kahin.
Hon Rayale was speaking to the press at the Egal International airport Hargeisa upon arrival to the country from his abroad residence in France where he lives since relinquishing office to President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo in mid-2010.
The ex-president who refused to dwell on the postponed elections that have raised controversy said, “The right person to answer this is president Silanyo who was so vehement against my similar term extension” adding that his predecessor should specifically address the issue of his pledge made during his days in opposition politics never to seek tenure extension if elected to office.
And in a total show of statesmanship he further stated that as senior citizen of Somaliland he was not going to oppose the administration for the sake of opposition, as done to him and his administration.
“Don’t expect me to behave negatively towards the administration as current leader did when I was at the presidency” while accusing former right hand man and current interior minister Mohamed Ali Waran”ade for his power hunger that led to the collapse of UDUB the former ruling part and flagship of his 8 years administration that ended with defeat in the 2010 presidential elections.
Reminiscing on the 2009 events that led to his term in office extension, which he is on record as having opposed, Dahir Rayale said that the terrorist attack at the presidency, Ethiopian Embassy and UNDP headquarters in Hargeisa as well as the departure of an Indian firm dealing with voter registration was cause for the polls to be postponed.
“Though both my office and the National Election Commission has despite the encumbrances declared readiness for elections the opposition acted contrary thence forcing delay.
Having laid blame on current ruling party Kulmiye the former heads of state went on to castigate former lieutenant and aviation minister in his administration now interior minister Mohamed Ali Waran”ade for calculated acts precipitated by power hunger that led to collapse of UDUB, the country’s oldest political party, Rayale also apologized to Jamal Ali the UCID party presidential aspirant.
UDUB was proscribed prior to local council elections in 2012 for contravening political party laws following a protracted power struggle between Waran’áde and Jamal.
Stating that the buck stops with the boss the ex-president shouldered the ultimate responsibility for the demise of UDUB since “I placed the party in the hands of Waran”ade whose political aspirations are not presidential but revolver around minister level or below.
Closing discussion on the sad fate UDUB the oldest Somaliland political party that is credited with institutionalizing the prevalent world acclaimed democratization process from the shambles of civil war clan based rule Dahir Rayale Kahin said ” No matter what which is part of the history of Somaliland UDUB shall rise and shine once again.
Waran'"ade withdrew his UDUB party from local council electionsThe duo decamped to UCID for Jamal where he was selected party flag bearer in forthcoming election ns while Waran”ade joined opposition party Wadani before being appointed Interior minister in the Kulmiye administration thence grey shadow of ambiguity as per his political affiliation.
On whether he shall join one of the three country’s political parties of UCID, Kulmiye or Wadani, Dahir Rayale had an emphatic NO! Adding he wished to remain a senior citizen thus be a role model for current and future political leaders on the issue of remaining becoming non-partisan once term in office expires.
As for the insecurity prevalent in parts of his Home region of Awdal where troops are combatting g an insurgency by Suldan Waberi, Rayale said that he, Waberi had no cause to establish bases in the mountains bordering Somaliland and Ethiopia where his militias are dying but should instead bring his grievances to the negotiation table for violence will only beget injury, death and destruction.
Though not yet officials the ex-president Dahir Rayale Kahin shall be in the country during the just imminent holy month of Ramadan in which he shall join citizens in fasting and prayers predominantly in the capital Hargeisa and home town of Borame where he maintains residences.
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