Somaliland European Diaspora Conference 2018 Set for 1st Dec at the People’s Palace University of London


Somalilandsun- Thank you everyone, our SOMALILAND EUROPEAN DIASPORA CONFERENCE 2018 is sold out now! We are looking forward to welcome our @VPsomaliland, and all our delegates from #Somaliland, Europe, and all over UK.

This was posted on tweeter and by organizers of the  SOMALILAND EUROPEAN DIASPORA CONFERENCE 2018  With objective of Constructing diaspora Somaliland identity in an ever-changing Europe: Unity, patriotism and contributing through positive activism

Quote- The Somaliland Mission to the UK, Somaliland Society Europe and our European Missions have the pleasure of inviting you to a day-long conferenceexploring new types of connections between Somalilandersin the diaspora and Somaliland, those that better harmonise the interests, desires and cultural affinities of both sides under the themes of unity, patriotism and contributing through positive activism.

This year’s conference is a Europe wide discussion and is a part of a wider programme of global dialogueinitiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and will take place,1 December 2018, 9:00am – 5:30pm, Evening Reception: At a crossroads – Somaliland and the Environment, 6:00pm-9:00pm;s, University of London, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS

This conference is about Somaliland’s past, present and futurebut also to generate an open and honest dialogue between participants about its future. Making the most of ongoing change will require a unity of purpose and single-mindedness of strategic vision, while also providing space for a plurality of voices and ideas to shape this common project. This conference will thus provide an opportunity to feed into larger nationwide discussions over Somaliland’s foreign affairs priorities, development and the contributions of the diaspora in its economic transformation in order ensure that the government and administrations to come serve the Somaliland people as a whole, spreading the benefits of development and freedom widely and equally.

The conference will bring together distinguished guests from the Somaliland diaspora, government, civil society and the business community from Somaliland,Europe and further afield, for a day of panels followed by a catered reception. The conference will look at Somaliland’s ever evolving connection with its diaspora as well as Somaliland’s relations with the UK and the EU as they evolve diplomatically and economically in a post-brexit world, as well as the most dynamic forms of social activism and legislative change occurring within the country. Prominent speakers will present on their areas of expertise, with all participants given the opportunity to engage in open and honest discussion aimed at fostering a common vision and purpose to Somaliland’s future political trajectory, including as it pertains to the cause of international recognition.

Confirmed Speakers include the Vice President of Republic of Somaliland, H.E Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail “Saylici”, Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge ( former minister and activist), Mohammed Duale (Academic), H.E Shukri H Ismail “Bandare” (Minister for Environmental Affairs), Sharmerke Ahmed Muhumed (Director, Somaliland Civil Service Commission), Fuad Signore (Las Anod Youth and Sports Rep.) Abdillahi Xeef (Chair – SSE), Hon. Mahamed Mahamoud “Dheeg” (Poet and Member of Somaliland’s House of Elders), Boqor Ahmed Iman Warsame ( King of Gabooye), HE Liban Yusuf Osman( Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) Sharmarke Ahmed (Chair of Somaliland Civil Service Commission), Sadia Ahmed (Country Director – PENHA), Dr Fatima Abdi (NHS Consultant& SL Voluntary aid worker), Deman Le Deaut, (Country Programme Coordinator of THET), Rakhia Bihi (Director – 4Youth Foundation)*, Cllr. Kaltun Osman, Eidrus Aden (Swedish-Somalilander Activist), Ahmed Aydeed (Director and Solicitor – Duncan Lewis), Mo Ali (Film Director), Awo Tarabi (Journalist ITV Central), Osob Elmi (Youtuber and Freelance Journalist) Hibaq Abyan ( Engineer, andyouth activists, and former Wadani party of the Chair of the Youth Wing chair) AhmedWali Sh Omar goth ( community activists, and journalist) Ali Abdi (Deputy Chair Somaliland Youth Movement), Hamse Sahardiid (Chair, Waddani UK Youth Wing), Sharmarke,Ayan Mohamed (Geed Beer, Rajo Beer). Ali Ahmed (Nederland), Abdirizak Diinari (Denmark), Mohamed Hussen (Germany) Mohamed Hassan (France) Abdi Abdillahi ‘Dayaxweerar’ (Director, Somaliland Diaspora Agency) and Many more.

VP Abdirahman Ismail Sayli is guest of honour at the Somaliland European Diaspora Conference 2018

More information regarding the converence please contact Hanad Darwish, Communications and Political Officer, by email at

It is free conference but it’s vital that you register at the earliest possible opportunity as the conference is expected to be highly anticipated.