Somaliland: EUCAP Enhances Partners’ Project Management Capabilities


Somalilandsun: Eight participants, six from the Somaliland Coast Guard, one from the Attorney General Office and another from the Ministry of Justice, took part in a one-day capacity building workshop focused on project management principles in Hargeisa.

The aim of the workshop was to familiarize Somaliland counterparts with EU projects and to share information on the activities of EUCAP Field Office Hargeisa through participative methods, examples and scenario work.

Captain Suhur Fathi Muktar, Head of Training from Somaliland Coast Guard, explains how she will use the skills and apply those to her day-to-day work:

Captain Suhur Fathi Muktar, Training commander Somaliland Coast Guard

“I was glad to attend the workshop as it will help me to prepare trainings, plan workshops and projects as I got tips on how to use project management tools in more efficient manner.”

The workshop enables Somaliland partners to understand EUCAP project management but also to improve their own project implementation cycle.

“I think it’s important to be familiar the EU project management policies and to understand how our EUCAP partners implement their projects. This enables us to do cooperation but it also builds our capacity to prepare, plan and evaluate our projects in Somaliland ministries.” Said Yasin, Director of Policy and Planning of Somaliland Ministry of Justice.

Somaliland: EUCAP Enhances Partners’ Project Management Capabilities


In July 2012, the EU launched EUCAP Nestor, a civilian mission which assists host countries develop self-sustaining capacity for enhancement of maritime security.


At its launch, EUCAP Nestor was mandated to work across the Horn of Africa (HoA) and Western Indian Ocean (WIO). As of the end of 2016, following a strategic review of the Mission, activities focus solely on Somalia (including Somaliland). The Mission Headquarters is currently located in Mogadishu.


EUCAP Somalia contributes to the establishment and capacity building of maritime civilian law enforcement capability in Somalia and Somaliland. Read More HERE