Somaliland: EU Salutes Somali Women Scientists like Pathfinder Eng Hinda Ahmed


Somalilandsun: The stereotype of the woman as the carer” firmly engrained within African nomadic communities and more so the Somali, is slowly being negated.

While many Somali women have been in the forefront of going for what is rightfully theirs in many sectors, few have ventured into Science based technical jobs.

But this anomaly is gradually being breached by few like Eng Hinda Ahmed Hussein a civil engineer in Somaliland where her speciality is roads construction.

Eng Hinda is among 25,000 young people from Somaliland and Somalia to benefit from the Technical and Vocational Education and Training -TVET which is a component of European Union  funded Somalia Education Sector Support Programme (SESSP)

Acknowledging the success of the TVET program during this year’s this International Day of Women and Girls in Science the @EU_in_Somalia EU , which featured the video on Eng Hinda  said been a big supporter of more Somali women pursuing careers in science. On this International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the EU Salutes all Somali women scientists.

Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Somalia and Somaliland  is seen as a quick-fix solution to the youth challenge hence lacking a long-term perspective.

Most of the TVET initiatives are donor-driven, of low level and quality and focus on predictable trades such as carpentry, hair dressing, masonry, tailoring and few others linked to livelihoods.

Over 25 000 youth have benefited from such trainings since the year 2000. On a positive note, donor funded projects have implemented female dominated trades resulting in 52% female enrolment in TVET courses across Somalia.

TVET provision in Somalia is characterised by an absence of institutions providing quality education and training; a lack of qualified instructors; a lack of facilities and equipment as well as of curricula and teaching and learning materials and supportive supervision.
More details about the  Somalia Education Sector Support Programme (SESSP) HERE