Somaliland: “Establish Independent Probe of the Civilians Shooting by Police” Urges Rights Group


Residents and family members converge at the Scene of shooting

Somalilandsun – The Somaliland Human Rights Centre-HRC has condemned the use of excessive force by police in Hargeisa resulting in death and Injuries.

“The use of excessive force by law enforcement agencies against unarmed civilians is unacceptable “read a press statement released by the HRC in reference to shooting to death of one and injury to others by police in Jigjigayar estate of Hargeisa last Sunday

Adding that its investigation has revealed that some of the injured were running away when they were shot the HRC further raised its concern on the involvement of Police in a land dispute without court orders and due process of law, thus calling for an independent probe into the fatal shootings

Read the verbatim excerpts of the Human Rights Centre press statement

Somaliland: Rights Group Calls for Independent Inquiry Into Hargeisa Police shooting in Hargeisa

On 9th August 2015 about 5:30 pm local time, Abdinajib Ahmed Mohamed, unarmed 12 years old boy, was shot dead by Somaliland Police in Hargeisa. Mustafe Ahmed Mohamed, 22 years, Abdirahman Ahmed Mohamed, 15 years, and Mohamed Abdilahi Quule, 40 years, also sustained gunshot wounds while Abdirashid Mouse Mohamed, 27 years, was injured after the Police beaten him. The injured were all taken to hospital where they are now receiving medical attention. According to the medical reports, the gun shot hit Abdinajib on the head. Three of the victims including the dead belong to the same family.

Armed police officers were deployed at an extension construction site in Jigjigayar district of Hargeisa to stop ongoing building in a residential area. The Police confronted members of a family who claims the ownership of the land and runs a shop and public notary at the place and other people who gathered and formed crowd. The Police fired live ammunition to the crowd. In a press interview, the deputy minister in charge of internal security, Abdi Dahir Amuud, admitted the Police shooting and justified as self-defence after stones were thrown to the Police.

“The use of excessive force against unarmed civilians is unacceptable. The force employed by the Police is disproportionate. Eye witnesses told Human Rights Centre (HRC) that some of the injured were running away when they were shot. The injured 15 years old boy, Abdirahman Ahmed Mohamed, was playing with his bicycle when the gunshots started. It is shocking that two victims are children,” says Hana Abdisalaan Mohamed, advocacy and lobbying officer of HRC.

“We are very concerned on the involvement of Police in a land dispute without court orders and due process of law. Human Rights Centre condemns the use of excessive force. We are startled by the urgent defence of the authorities without actually investigating the matter,” she adds.

Incident of this nature is not rare in Somaliland. The authorities shall not speak in defense of the Police, but the Police shall be responsible of their actions and Police impunity shall come to an end. Human Rights Centre demands immediate independent investigation of the incident.


Hana Abdisalaan Mohamed

Advocacy and Lobbying Officer


Human Rights Centre

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Guleid Ahmed Jama

Chairperson of Human Rights Centre

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