Somaliland: Erigavo Burao Road Construction Set for Commencement


As government delivers equipment for phase one, Roads Funds collection committee and Roads Development Authority declare amounts in hand

RDA function participants listen to Erigavo road construction status

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Erigavo might soon became the garden of not only the capital Hargeisa but entire country as well pursuant to the realization of successful construction of the over 300kms road linking Erigavo to Burao

This was opinionated by DFID-EU sponsored roads consultant New Zealander Randolph during a ceremony held at premises of the Roads Development in Hargeisa where the state showcased earthmovers procured for the eastern regions road and efforts of the presidency minister recognized thus dubbed Doctor of Somaliland roads.

According to Randolph whose contract pertained to assist with designing a master roads management plan and draft Road Act though somalilanders have achieved immeasurable milestones despite lack of recognition especially in the creation of a viable and functional state more is still pending.

Said he, “Your oneness and determination is commendable and realization of constructing the road linking Eastern regions to other parts requires more efforts for a project that whose overall budget is around $17m for quality highway at $250,000 a km thence enable Erigavo became the national Garden”

The function in which the recently acquired assortment of Earthmovers geared towards phase one of the road were on display the roads development authority-RDA , Erigavo Road construction committee and presidency minister gave figures of at-hand and pledged cash donations towards construction.

Though the three have collected funds separately all were unanimous to the fact that not a penny of the collected funds has been touched so far though they also informed that the already at-hand amount shall be utilized to initiate construction.

According to the financial controller of RDA the agency manages four accounts in which public contributions were accumulated namely: Salaam bank, Dahabshil, Central bank and Zaad accounts with accrued sums as follows:

1. Central bank $672,000

2. Zaad $ 3,093

3. Salaam $5 and

4. Dahabshil 1,142601

Thence a consolidated at RDA hand of $1817699

On the activities of the President Silanyo appointed Erigavo road construction funds collection committee, Ms Sadia Muse Ahmed informed that fundraising within the Diaspora community has so far realized $37,000 at hand cash while pledges amount to over $4m which is expected anytime now.

The presidency ministry in whose docket the RDA falls thence spearheads roads infrastructure network development in the country with Boss Hirsi Haji Ali now officially acknowledge as the Doctor of Somaliland roads due to achievements so far in various parts gave a breakdown of consolidated activities especially as pertains to pledges both qualified and others.

• Central Government and apart from equipment procured is $4,000,000 part of which shall be utilized to construct 100km stretch of the road

• Civil Servants $2,500,000 pledged and at hand $$672,000

• Cabinet $100,000

• King Buurmadow 100 heads of camels

• Erigavo community $100,000 and 40,000 heads of livestock

• Parliament $100,000

• East Hargeisa Community $100,000 and 1200 heads of livestock

• Ministry of Education $120,000

• Saudi Arabia Diaspora $100,000 among others

while thanking all those already contributed ad urging others to chip in big or small Minister Hirsi Ali stressed on the fact that the government of president Silanyo is not only fulfilling election campaign pledges but actually intent on ensuring citizens are availed means of sustainable livelihoods was also adamant that petty politicking shall not be a deterrence.

The Somaliland roads doctor who informed that other equipment are expected soon to augment those already in place revealed that the Erigavo road construction is to commence soon thence urged all those who have pledged cash and livestock to expedient handover.