Somaliland: Erigavo Airstrip Cries out for a Helping Hand


L -R Erigavo Airport air direction cum watch tower and runway

Somalilandsun – Residents of Erigavo and wider Sanaag region have given up on air transport almost five years since the last flight to the area.

According to Mo Ali of  the airport that resides at an elevation of 5,720 feet above sea level with a rough runway which is 1,220 metres long and 3 KMs away from Erigavo city is now out of commission though it used to land bi-weekly Aden Airways and Somali Airlines flights in the early sixties till late 1980s while DC 3 propeller planes had easily landed in the non-asphalted runway. Continue reading “Somaliland – Erigavo airport not functional”

Erigavo Airport management offices