Somaliland: Erigavo Accord Hashi Entourage Heroic Reception


Residents of Erigavo welcome the SomalIland government delegation led by presidency minister

By M.A. Egge

Somalilandsun- The minister of the Presidency Hon. Mohamud Hashi Abdi has said that the ongoing registration of voter process in Sanaag region will go down as a milestone in the tenure of H.E. President Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo.
True to his words, this time round the exercise is taking place unprecedentedly in all the districts of the region for the first time in a comprehensive manner.
The minister at the same time told off critics and reiterated the substantial developmental aspects that has taken place in the region that is well evident.
“I profusely thank all the eminent personalities, elders and local leaders who have whole heartedly welcomed us”, said the minister at a point is Erigavo’s suburbs where a mass of population were line up to welcome his entourage according them a heroic reception in the wake of an accord signed by a major community at Awr-Boogeys a day earlier to reiterate their support for the democratization process and nationhood
as a whole which will go down well for the patriotism, pacification, unity, security stability and solidarity of the country- (See storyelsewhere in this issue).
Hon. Hashi’s entourage consisted of the minister of Information Hon. Osman Abdillahi Sahardid, the minister of resettlement A.S Reygal and state minister for aviation amongst several other VIPs.
“We are here to help mobilize the electioneering process of registration of voters hence thank the NEC officials who are going about their work dutifully”, said the minister.
He said that they visited “Eal-afwein, Garadag, Awrbogeys and Shimbiraale whereby multitude of people were lined up with gumption for registration”.
He said that the new spirit and vigour of patriotism was quite promising and that the registration would go down well as a milestone in the President’s tenure.
“The administration is bent on having each and every legible person to receive the cards” said Hon. Hashi.
He said that he was perturbed to hear eminent personalities claiming, to the contrary, that the government has done nothing in the region!
“What the administration has done in the province is insurmountable hence needs no substantiation”, said the minister.
He reminded the audiences that the rehabilitation and constructions of Lasqoray port, Dayaha institute, public services, especially the health sector, departmental headquarters, the Burao-Erigavo road etc are but just some of the aspects of the projects done and continue to being implemented by the government. Streets of Erigavo-town itself at the least are but more examples.
Hon. Sahardid said that the region was the biggest in the country hence they were at hand to witness the ongoing registration process. He thanked the welcoming manner in which they were received.
Both the Town Mayor Cllr. Ismael Haji Noor and Regional Governor Ahmed Abdi Falaay were at hand to receive them.
The RG gave them an overview of the ongoing registration process..