Somaliland: Entrepreneur Saeed Sh Omer to Interact with Obama at Global Summit in Kenya


Saed Sheikh Omer the CEO Founder Summertime Restaurant at global summit in Kenya

By Abdirisak Itaqile

Somalilandsun – -A young Somaliland-born entrepreneur has the chance to share his idea with the world’s most powerful man when he attends the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) to be held in Nairobi, Kenya from July 25-26, 2015.

Saed Sheikh Omer, 37, is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Summertime Enterprise which consists of: Somaliland’s most iconic restaurant, Summertime Restaurant, Summertime Green Plaza, a state-of-the-art wedding and conference hall, Summertime Apartments and Summertime Hotel who arrived in Nairobi on Thursday is first Somalilander to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kenya.

Saed Sheikh Omer is one of the two candidates chosen to attend the conference from the Horn of Africa region, from a total 150 international delegates.

The Summit, to be attended by United States President Barack Obama, is an annual gathering of various entrepreneurs, including social entrepreneurs, business people, venture capitalists and foundations, to participate in an intense two-day conference to network, learn from each other, and identify ways to improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

It is a White House initiative that partners with a different host country each year to showcase the dynamism of the local environment and hopefully strengthen entrepreneurial infrastructure.

GES is now in its sixth year and will be held in sub-Saharan Africa for the first time. This year the summit will have an overarching focus on generating new investments for emerging entrepreneurs, with a particular emphasis on women and young entrepreneurs.

About Summertime Enterprise

In 2003, the determined and hard-working young entrepreneur Mr. Saed Sheikh Omer set up a small coffee and snack bar shop in Hargeisa’s Jigjiga yar village, where Saed and two other staffs sell takeaway fast foods, tea and coffee.

The then small snack bar consisted of a counter and a few booths, has now flourished into an enterprise which consists of: Hargeisa’s most iconic restaurant, Summertime Restaurant which offers a delicious array of dishes from traditional Somali dishes to burgers and chips, with a full-service wedding and conference hall, Summertime Green Plaza, a state-of-the-art wedding and conference hall, Summertime Apartments; a state-of-the-art overnight and holiday accommodation for couples and families, Summertime Pizza & Fried Chicken (PFC); a free delivery Pizza Fried Chicken in Hargeisa, and Summertime Hotel; a world class five star hotel which is planned to open May 2016.

Summertime Restaurant is frequented by politicians and foreign expatriates. The restaurant has also a reputation around the city for being the spot for youth from overseas.

Since young visionary entrepreneur was looking at expansion, summertime banquet hall for wedding and conference reception was opened in October 2007.

In early 2011 Summertime Restaurant opened Summertime Pizza & Fried Chicken (PFC); a free delivery Pizza Fried Chicken in Hargeisa.

To ensure that the business continue to make strides over the coming decades Summertime Restaurant opened December 2014, Summertime Green Plaza; the first state-of-art Wedding and Conference hall in Somaliland.

Summertime Green Plaza is a modern, unique and elegant brand new ultramodern building in Hargeisa which provides city residents an attractive wedding venue and high quality conference facilities for business meetings and corporate events. The new 40mx17m wedding and conference hall accommodates up 1500 guest.

Summertime Restaurant’s businesses continued to expand and flourish where summertime furnished apartments is the newest addition to the summertime portfolio.

Launched in March 2015, the new furnished apartments in Jigjiga Yar village features 30 spacious and fully furnished apartments with one, two or three bedrooms. Select from family sized to luxury queen size apartments each with fully equipped kitchens and all the comforts of home.

Still under construction, Summertime’s new world class five star hotel, Summertime hotel is planned to open in May 2016, where our new hotel will feature more than 85 rooms with single and double honeymoon suits.

The upcoming 5-star Hotel will also have a large reception area, gym and health spa, beautiful lobby bar, relaxing lounge and Restaurant.

Summertime Restaurant has been lavished with numerous awards and accolades from community leaders, international organizations, politicians, and Somaliland business at large.

With aim of contributing to boost the country tourism industry Summertime Restaurant plans to build a luxurious residential village in the outskirts of Hargeisa and tourism resorts in along the coast of Somaliland.

We also plan to build a food processing and packaging factory which we intend to serve as a provider of quality meals and snacks for local airlines.